A new local startup launched an online shop for high-quality, handcrafted, gourmet gift baskets

A new local startup launched an online shop for high-quality, handcrafted, gourmet gift baskets, serving the areas of Pacific Palisades, Malibu, Brentwood and North Santa Monica, California.

Palisades Gift Baskets was opened in the beginning of 2014 with the idea to offer the local community more enjoyable alternative to the traditional time-consuming shopping for gifts. The company offers a variety of gift baskets to suit any taste and desire and delivers them personally in order to ensure outstanding customer experience. offers a wide array of gift baskets supplied with a gourmet selection of products varying from salmon, caviar and beef to chocolate, pastry and exquisite Californian wines for almost every possible occasion. No matter the occasion - new baby, anniversary, Thanksgiving, 4th Of July, Christmas, or the recipient – business partner, friend or family, clients are sure to find the right handcrafted gift basket to say Thank you, I love you or Get Well.

“Our philosophy is to represent clients both personally and professionally”, says Savina McCrone, owner of Palisades Gift Baskets, “therefore we have crafted each basket so as to suit different occasions but also to allow clients to choose a basket that best matches their or the recipient’s personality.”

According to Mrs. McCrone the greatest advantage of Palisades Gift Baskets is the fact that unlike many online retailers they are not using third-party delivery companies to fulfill the orders, thus eliminating the possibility of any problematic delivery issues which often ruin the overall customer experience.

“We didn’t aim to be an online gift shop, shipping anywhere in the country”, Mrs. McCrone continues, “we started with the idea to be a local business, supporting the local economy and offering the local community an easy and effortless way to send their love or appreciation by choosing a special, handcrafted and delicious gift. It is our mission to serve our community and to have happy, satisfied clients. We wish for our clients to feel special and secure, that is why we always deliver our baskets personally, and on time”.

Tel.: (310) 454-1979

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